Markt 16, B-3150 Haacht, Belgium

Privacy Policy

For all your questions about what data we collect about you, you can consult the page with our privacy and cookie policy. If you have any questions or if you wish to consult your details, you can reach us at one of the telephone numbers and e-mail addresses below.

Contact details

We are happy to provide a personalized service. That is why each of our stores has a separate mobile phone number and email address. If you have a question about a collection or article on the website, choose the appropriate number and we will be happy to help you. (during office hours, also on Saturday and Sunday morning)

Artson Women

+32 (0)468 272 815


Artson Men

+32 (0)468 272 816


Administration & workshop

Tel: +32 (0)16 60 13 23
Fax: +32 (0)16 60 70 69

Opening hours

Tue - Sat: 10 am-6pm

Sun: 9.30am-12pm

Closed Mon & Public Holidays

At Artson we like to organize something. Visit this website and our Facebook page to stay informed of extra opening hours.


We are centrally located on the market of Haacht and surrounded by many parking options. About 780 FREE parking spaces are available. In the side streets and on the market itself, which is the blue zone, you can park for free for up to two hours with the parking card. You will notice that you can reach Haacht quickly and easily from the possible travel routes from Antwerp, Brussels and Hasselt. Do not forget that we are open on Sunday morning and that there are cozy restaurants and eateries in the center. You can turn it into a day trip without any problem!

Markt 16
B-3150 Haacht
+32 16 60 13 23
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